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Credit Repair

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If this is your first time repairing your credit, congratulations on starting to get your credit ready to apply for a mortgage. Credit restoration is more than just removing negative items. You are not born with an 850 credit score and by removing negative items your credit score is increased. Your credit score is more heavily influenced by your on-time payment history, balance on credit cards, length of credit, number of open accounts, and mix of credit accounts.
Our job is to:
Educate you on how your credit and credit score work.
Recommend credit building products and a strategy that will help you improve your credit score. Yes, we do get paid to refer some of the products and services to you.
Dispute with your creditors and credit bureaus to remove erroneous, inaccurate, and unverifiable information.
We will communicate with you through email and our client portal. No phone support is provided in our free credit repair program.
Our process for your credit repair:
  • We will attempt to remove out dated and incorrect personal information at the credit bureaus
  • We will mail on your behalf to your creditors that you identified that there is incorrect information reporting. All correspondence comes back to us. We will email you the documents that come back to us for your review.
  • Some documentation may contain FDCPA violations. We will forward the letter to a Consumer Credit Attorney for review and their recommendation. You can choose to hire the attorney with no money paid upfront.

Get Started Now!

If you have worked with the credit repair company in the last six months, it is very unlikely that you will see good results with us. If you constantly have been filing disputes for an extended time period with no results then you should not expect any results from working with us either.
You should consult an Consumer Credit Attorney to see what your options are.
We are happy to help devise a strategy to improve your credit score and give recommendations on how to achieve your goals.
Any information that is proven to be erroneous, inaccurate, and unverifiable information can be removed from a credit report.
But let’s be real – if it was a legitimate debt or court record it will likely remain on the credit report. Bankruptcy removal is very difficult. Removing a medical collection or many other debt collectors is easier. All other types of accounts lie in between those two extremes.
Just because an item is removed from a credit report does not mean you do not owe it. A creditor may still have the right to file a lawsuit against you to recover what they claim is owed whether it appears on your credit report or not.
Most people find that it takes 4 to 6 months to achieve the credit scores needed to get approved for a mortgage.
It can be done faster if you were willing to settle with your creditors for them removing from your credit report.
Contact the J Gannon Helstowski Law Firm for settle the assistance

Yes. Your credit score can possibly increase enough to by a home in as little as 30 days. It is faster if you are willing to settle with your creditors (usually for less than what you owe) if they agree to pay for delete from your credit report.

Contact the J Gannon Helstowski Law Firm for settle the assistance
You must have our recommended credit monitoring that costs $39.99 per month.
We do not accept any other credit monitoring service.

You may receive mail from the credit bureau’s and creditors. We would ask that you upload them to us inside your portal.

Once we are hired, Most mail will come directly to us. We will then review it. We may ask a consumer credit attorney to review it for possible violations. We will then email all documents received to you. They will also be located in your portal.

We may need to contact the credit bureaus and they require identity documentation from you.
You must submit additional identity and address verification documents.

We have no idea. We will help you try to achieve the best credit score possible for your situation and time frame.

We need credit monitoring to help monitor the progress of your credit file. You must use the recommended credit monitoring because it is integrated into our software. In short, it allows us to offer our services for free.

You will pay the credit monitoring company $39.99 per month. It must be active for us to do our job.

Sign up for Required Credit Monitoring

We do not offer phone support with our free credit repair service. You can contact us through the web portal, webchat, or email.

If you feel you need phone support and one on one counseling you may want to consider Canal Credit Repair or Xpert Credit Repair.